Soundproof Diesel Generator

A compact structure and strong soundproof enclosure with elegant appearance, is easy to be assembled or disassembled and reduces noise effectively. Famous brand engine can be chosen by clients.


1-       Standard supply includes:
a.       Generator set with Original New Engine and Alternator and other new parts.
b.      Steel base frame and Sound proof canopy.
c.       High performance leads acid Starting batteries and connects with cable.
d.      Gen set with filtering systems includes air filter, fuel filter and lube-oil filter.

2- Features and benefits:

2.1- High performance 
1. Multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantee the power performance of gen-set. 
2. Large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reduce noise of the gen-set. 
3. Internal high performance rubber damper and flexible materials reduce vibration. 
4. Fuel tank supports the gen set running for 8 hours.
2.2- Construction features 
1. Cold steel materials. 
2. Powder paint. 
3. Fireproof, waterproof and dustproof. 
4. High quality soundproof materials could efficiently reduce noise.