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ATS & Synchronizing panel


Manual Synchronizing Panel is provided all controls and meters to observe various parameters to help the operator to do manual synchronizing while observing these.


•         Intuitive interface makes operation simple. Little or no learning curve required to operate system
•         A main screen with navigation buttons and non-system critical buttons/switches
•         System testing screen allowing the operator to manually initiate automation system testing operations
•         Generator interface settings latched into the PLC control system upon entry
•         System load add/shed manual control redundant to hard wired manual control switches in master control
•         System is designed to dynamically add/shed load based on the system load level rather than using inflexible load blocks
•         System is programmed to track the size of each load individually. This allows the system to quickly determine exactly how many loads are to be added or shed from the system, whether it is in the middle of the afternoon or in the middle of the night