HV Transformers

The most common application of power transformers to connect AC/DC networks of difference voltage levels to allow power exchange between the, while all specified requirements of each individual network. Rating capacity up to 132kV and 70-80MVA.

Two kinds of transformers are offered to fulfill these needs:
1- Interconnection Transformers:
It’s a galvanic insulation between primary and secondary networks and high adaptability to expected levels of performance and/or site conditions. We ensure you that the design and rating of tertiary windings, coupling and arrangements are fully adaptable to the client needs and request.
2- Autotransformers:
Compared with interconnection transformers of equivalent power flow, the autotransformer presents a lighter and more economically optimized solution which is possible when the voltage ration is between 1 and 2. The Autotransformers are needed to lower or increase the voltages used in transmission lines, and to interconnect systems that operate at different voltage classes.