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SMV switchgear

The medium voltage switchgear is an integrated assembly of draw out or fixed or vacuum or circuit breaker, bus, and control devices coordinated electrically and mechanically for medium voltage circuit protection


17.5kV Metal Clad Switchgear

• SecoGear is an air insulated switchgear with compact design
• SecoGear is safe and reliable for universal indoor applications
• Designed with full segregation of its breaker compartment and equipped with embedded pole SecoVac Plus vacuum circuit breaker
·• Tested in accordance with the international standards
• Front panel features easy operation and low maintenance
The metal clad switchgear is designed and manufactured with advanced technology and has been comprehensively and successfully type tested by KEMA.
It's typically used in power plants, substations and suitable control and protection for transformers, capacitors and motors.
The rated voltage is 12kV – 17.5kV and rated current ranges from 630A to 4000A.