Package Substation

Faremco package substations range includes installed MV and LV switchgears, transformers, electrical panel board, and accessories such as power factor improvement equipment, control and protection equipments, all providing a cost effective and efficient total installation.
Compact packaged substations are self-contained galvanized metallic construction, environmentally controlled and comprise MV controlled and comprise MV switchgear or MV termination box, transformer and LV switchboard. The metallic housing can be manufactured in various configurations to suit the available space and are suitable for use on industrial, commercial and resident complexes sites. They can be constructed in different ratings, 11/0.4kV & 33/0.4 (250kVA to 2000kVA) and any other specifications or features as required by the client.


Main Components:

1- Enclosure:
Single compact enclosure housing the transformer, medium and low voltage sections. The enclosure is designed with a protection degree of IP 23, 43 or 54 according to IEC 60529.

2- Low voltage section:
This section can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of each customer. Basic equipment includes:
  Low voltage bushings
  Current transformers
  Outgoing circuits by fuse links or circuit breaker

3- Medium voltage section:
This section includes the following components:
  Plug-in bushings
  Sectionalizing switches for incoming and outgoing
  Main interrupter for protection against overloads and secondary short circuit
  Fused for protection against internal faults
  Voltage presence indicators

4- Transformer section:
This section includes the core and the windings of the transformer